With Emily Pettit, I coordinate the Whenever We Feel Like It reading series.

I teach in the Critical Writing Program at University of Pennsylvania.  My fall 2012 courses are: “The Poem That Changed America” and “Craft of Prose”

I am the Reviews Editor for Jacket2.

In the past, I’ve taught Creative Writing & Poetry Workshops at Temple University,  University of Pennsylvania and University of Iowa.

& The 2010 Rutgers Camden Summer Writing Festival.

I used to work at the very amazing Kelly Writers House.

I taught “The Sentence”by Robert Creeley as part of “Six Poets Each Teach One Poem Each” at the Writers House.

I have been on these episodes of PoemTalk hosted by Al Filreis: “The Congo” by Vachel Lindsay with Charles Bernstein, Aldon Nielsen and Al Filreis and “Roses” by Barbara Guest with Randall Couch, Natalie Gerber and Al Filreis.

I participated in the Poets&Painters project at Univeristy of Iowa founded and organized by Ben Kopel, Ben Estes and Tammy Petro.

When I was studying at the University of Iowa I took a few seminars with Dee Morris.  For her 20th Century Anti-Lyric course, I worked with Jacob Horn to make this Oulipoetics resource page.

I used to be Program Coordinator at the Poetry Center of Chicago, where I worked on the amazing Hands on Stanzas poets in residence program.  In the fall of 2005, student poems on posters designed by Alex Jovanovich were installed in CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) stations all around the city.  At this job, I said “Paul Carroll said, ‘If you write poetry it will teach you,'” very often.

Ray Bianchi made me this wonderful Chicago Postmodern Poetry Profile.

Before moving to Philadelphia, I worked at the Wave Books Poetry Farm, the Iowa Young Writers Studio,the Poetry Center of Chicago, Caffe Florian and The Original Pancake House.  I also wrote a few book reviews for TimeOut Chicago.

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